We're proud to be part of the VEGANSOFLDN community. Back in April 2015, we were searching our way through Instagram for somewhere to go for lunch - but there wasn't one place where we could browse food that we could eat out in London.

We took it upon ourselves and created the hashtag #vegansofldn (which, at the time, had just 3 entries). There are now upwards of 30,000 entries, submitted by Londoners and visitors to the capital alike, allowing us to share vegan options from London's eateries as well as lifestyle options like cruelty-free fashion. Have a browse of where Londoners are eating out right now*, and get involved by adding #vegansofldn when you're eating out or choosing vegan options around town.

*Since anyone can post with this hashtag, it's possible you might see some (hopefully vegan) spam below. Excuse us if so and head straight for the good stuff.


If you're looking to for food in a specific area, check out where Londoners are checking in.

Hotspots for us include: Shoreditch, Notting Hill and Soho. Markets are great places to find independent vegan traders and stalls with vegan options - try Greenwich Market, Brick Lane Sunday Market (we love the Boiler House), Broadway Market and Borough Market.