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I've lived in east London for seven years now and, since becoming vegan in early 2014, I've seen vegan and vegan-friendly spots pop up in huge numbers over the last couple of years.
Today I'm rounding up some of my favourite places that deliver to east London via UberEats, and some of my favourite restaurants to catch an Uber to for around £10 or less (from the Hackney area).



UberEats has a dietary requirements filter, where you can select 'Vegan'. This brings up restaurants with a good selection of vegan options.

From Hackney for example, the 'Vegan' brings up 80 vegan-friendly restaurants.



Mother is one of my favourite restaurants on UberEats. They're 100% vegan and based in Stratford, and they'll send big healthy smoothies and plantbased sandwiches and curries to your door. Here's a video of their chocolate caramel slice.

Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food

MOTHER have just started offering their delicious açai bowl on UberEats, which I'm so happy about. It's fully loaded with cacao nibs, nut butter, coconut and banana.




Orange Room is a Lebanese restaurant in Mile End. I don't know much about Lebanese cuisine, but most Lebanese places I've been to have lots of naturally vegan options like hummus plates, tabbouleh and stuffed vine leaves. I used to go here with my sports team at university because it's cheap good food.

Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
FullSizeRender (10).jpgUber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food


Ranna is an Indian takeaway in Bow with lots of vegan options. My go-to order is sag aloo, brinjal bhaji and tarka dhal or vegetable curry. The tarka dhal is super watery (see this video) but apparently that's just how some people have their dhal.

Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food


I get to some of my favourite east London restaurants with uberX (and often use uberPOOL to save money). I often go with a couple of friends - splitting the price between three makes it around the same price as public transport, and I get really travel sick on buses and trains so it works out well!

Below are some examples of uberX fares from the Hackney area - you might have seen us feature these places on our Instagram page:

Black Cat, near Hackney Central: ~£7

CookDailyWhat The Pitta, both at Boxpark Shoreditch: ~£7

FED By Water, Dalston: ~£8

Redemption Bar, Old Street: ~£7



If you're off to eat out - in London or elsewhere in the UK, we have a code for a £10 free ride that you can use: VEGANSOFLDN. You'll need to use the code from a new account. We get a small fee from Uber each time the code is used, and really appreciate your support.

Uber have a fare estimator you can use to work out roughly how much it is to get to your favourite restaurants. If you need suggestions, feel free to reach out to myself or a member of the team via Instagram


Thanks for reading and enjoy your food!


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This blog post is from vegansofLDN founder, Serena Lee.

On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of hosting Ben & Jerry's Non-Dairy launch event at their Soho Scoop Shop, and want to share with you my thoughts on the three new flavours! We were talked through the whole range by Ben & Jerry's Flavour Guru Andrea Ball, and had canapés by social enterprise Change Kitchen as well as ice cream cookie sandwiches by east London's Luminary Bakery. This was an exclusive 'first scoop' and the range will roll out nationwide later this month.

Ben and Jerry's non-dairy ice cream review: vegan frozen dessert

Ben & Jerry's have been making ice cream since 1978, and this is the first time they've brought out non-dairy ice creams in the UK. The US got them last year, and I've been waiting for them to cross the pond ever since!

The three flavours are:-

  • Chunky Monkey: Banana ice cream with chocolate chunks & walnuts
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Chocolate ice cream with squishy fudge brownie pieces from Greyston Bakery in New York
  • Peanut Butter & Cookies: Exclusive to the non-dairy range, this flavour has a vanilla ice cream base with chocolate sandwich cookies (extremely similar to Oreos in taste, but without palm oil) and crunchy peanut butter swirls





Ben & Jerry's non-dairy ice creams will be filling up freezers in stores nationwide towards the end of September. Find stockist info through the Non-Dairy page here; there’ll be a handy store locator up on the website soon too.



The RRP for the 500ml tubs will be £5.99 (correct as of 08/09/17).


 (Image:  Ben & Jerry's )

(Image: Ben & Jerry's)


I absolutely loved trying all three flavours - it's been at least four years since I've eaten Ben & Jerry's and I'd happily eat these every day forever if health didn't exist. The ice cream base is so thick, creamy and indulgent - exactly what you'd expect from Ben & Jerry's, and I couldn't taste the almond paste or the coconut oil; it just tasted ice-cream-y.

I'm not a fan of cold chocolate (there are two types of chocolate people: refrigerated chocolate people and room temperature/melted chocolate people), so my least favourite - although still really tasty - is the Chunky Monkey. 

It makes me so happy that the Peanut Butter & Cookies flavour is exclusive to the non-dairy range, as it might tempt non-vegans to give the rest of the range a try. The peanut butter swirls are perfect.

My favourite, though, has to be the Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Usually, on my list of favourite ice cream flavours, chocolate is nearer the bottom - but there's something about the gooeyness of the brownie pieces in this pot that really does it for me. 


Once you've tried the range, let me know your thoughts! How do you think it compares with the dairy tubs and which is your favourite flavour?


Thanks for reading!


Founder, vegansofLDN


P.S. Some Snapchat footage from the Non-Dairy launch event below :)

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This post is by vegansofLDN guest blogger Sareta Puri.

With winter in full swing, our minds & bellies want warmth and comfort. The ubiquitous Sunday roast is as much a part of London food culture as curry or fish and chips and, whilst many places are now regaling vegans with their vegan tofish options, it’s rather difficult to find a decent vegan roast in the city. Seriously, why does there have to be goat's cheese on everything?!  But some creative and damn clever chefs are bucking the trend to serve up warming, delicious Sunday roasts that will make you want Monday to come round even less quickly.

London vegan roast dinner / Sunday roast / vegetarian & vegan / VegansofLDN / Vegans of London review / British food / Sunday lunch London


The absolute boss of the vegan roast has to be Manna. Having been offering their roast for over a decade – allegedly the longest in London – you'd expect it to be good, but it surpasses all expectations. An expertly crafted nut roast of hazelnut, cashew, pea, mushroom and herbs which is perfectly soft inside and crisp on the outside. Served with roast potatoes, kale, mangetout, carrots and drizzled with a mustard gravy - you can quickly see why this place is famed for their roast. It's one of the more expensive options out there but most certainly worth it for a treat. 


4 Erskine Rd, Chalk Farm, London, NW3 3AJ



  Image:  @suchdidlix  - Seitan Roast

Image: @suchdidlix - Seitan Roast


If rough-and-ready, laid-back vibes are more your thing then check out The Birds Nest - a pub that doubles up as a great live music venue. A fantastic choice for vegans through the week with their extensive burger menu, they go even further and serve TWO vegan roasts on a Sunday! One is a seitan roast stuffed with leek and mushroom, and the other is a chick'n pie with cashew cream. Both are served with roast potatoes, veg and gravy and both are absolutely delicious! If I could eat both at once, I would. At £9, it's also the best value in the city.


32 Deptford Church St, Deptford, London, SE8 4RZ


  Image:  @lucumamagazine


Home to the weekly Lazy Vegan Sunday roast served from 1-5pm and regularly featuring as a London Vegan Meet Up location, Karamel is one of the most popular choices in London. The roast is typically a nut wellington (hallelujah for a wellington without goat's cheese!) served with super crispy potatoes and seasonal vegetables which can include steamed cabbage, kale, carrots and parsnips. The gravy perfectly tops it all off. And if you have room left afterwards, you could even squeeze in one of their vegan desserts.


4 Coburg Rd, Wood Green, London, N22 6UJ





The Clapton Hart is one of several Antic pubs that offers up a mean vegan roast - Brockley's Jam Circus is also worth checking out - and all their pubs usually have at least one vegan main and starter on the menu. The vegan roast at the Hart changes seasonally, but it's usually a more inventive option than just a nut roast. Currently you can gorge on a delightful spinach, sweet potato, mushroom, chestnut & pea bake with a crispy nut crust served with potatoes, seasonal vegetables and the all-important gravy. Get there quickly though as they often sell out.


231 Lower Clapton Rd, London, E5 8EG

London vegan roast dinner / Sunday roast / vegetarian & vegan / VegansofLDN / Vegans of London review / British food / Sunday lunch London


One of London’s newest veggie-vegan cafes, Café Van Gogh, has recently started doing Sunday roasts, much to the delight of their ever-growing army of fans. If you’re hungry, go for all three courses which includes a soup that changes weekly, the roast or black bean bangers and mash, and either sticky toffee pudding or apple & plum crumble. The roast is a rich mushroom bourguignon wellington in crisp pastry served with perfectly cooked roasties, pan-fried vegetables and red onion gravy. Home cooked comfort food at its absolute best!

£10.95 for the roast or £20 for 3 courses

88-96 Brixton Road, London, SW9 6BE


  Image:  @veganukman

Image: @veganukman


Offering up an affordable vegan nut roast every second week – in rotation with a second vegetarian offering every other week – The Ship is another fine spot for Sunday lunch in London. Perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, served with the usual fare of seasonal veggies, roast potatoes and gravy, it’s a simple yet tasty nut roast. When we visited they even offered up the Yorkshire pudding to the non-vegan in the group. With Sunday jazz and plenty of newspapers, you can easily wile the afternoon away here which is even more tempting in the cold weather.  


171 Kennington Road, London, SE11 6SF

Have you eaten at any of these restaurants? Do you know any other places serving quality roast dinners in the capital? Let us know! 


Thanks for reading.


You can find more vegan roasts as tried by Sareta on her blog, and check out her Instagram here. Sareta also runs London supperclub Ruby & Pickles.

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This post is by VegansofLDN founder Serena Lee.

It's 2016 and Winter Wonderland is still pretty bad for vegans, but here's a to-the-point list of the vegan options I came across a couple of days ago whilst exploring with my friend Matt. At each stall, I asked the vendor if they had vegan options and took pictures of the options - but always ask first just in case of any changes or misunderstandings!


The pretzel that we tried from the Pretzel place pictured was so rock solid that we had to go in search of a vegan hot drink to dip it in to soften it up. We went for the raisin one - might have just been a bad batch! The other vegan options were poppy seed and sesame.

Thanks to the guys at TinCan Coffee for sorting us a cup of hot soya milk with cinnamon way cheaper than the coffees on offer at Winter Wonderland.


This vendor had a full allergen list (it goes across two pages placed vertically so be careful if you have allergies). Things that appear to be vegan on the menu include the Veggie Wurst, the Veggie Burger (called Veggie Patty on the signs), the Krautsalat (coleslaw), potato dumplings, potato wedges and chips.



There are several of these hot chestnut stalls dotted around Winter Wonderland - expensive but a filling snack.


Churros House No.1 saved us. They're located next to this giant man with a bird - let's call him Vegan Saviour. He's so tall you should be able to see him from far away, and the churros at this stall are vegan. They also have chocolate sauce ones which aren't suitable for vegans, but sugar ones are good, and they have lemon & sugar too. There's a lovely German guy making the churros who reassured us we could eat them.

Other churro houses gave us blank looks at the word 'vegan'. I've heard of one place in London serving churros with vegan chocolate sauce, but couldn't find one here. 


Ophélie from @oh_49 let us know there are vegan crêpes near the ice rink:

  Image:  @oh_49

Image: @oh_49


Last year I had falafel at a falafel stand, but couldn't track them down this year. They must be there somewhere! 

Below are a few other options: chips and curly fries plus sweetcorn. 

There's sweetcorn in pots and also corn on the cob, for example at a couple of veggie stalls that have names like Veggie House/Mrs Veggie. The vegetarian stalls all seemed to have the exact same menu: for vegans, the hot garlic bread/bruschetta, sweetcorn and chips. Everything else had dairy.

I always get lost wandering around Winter Wonderland so there are bound to be more options - if you've found them, tag #vegansofldn so I can see and add to this post :). 


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Today, guest blogger Gloria Chung talks us through her meal with a friend at King's Cross vegan restaurant Itadaki Zen.


Not only is the food at Itadakizen in Kings Cross good for your health with its all-vegan menu and the fresh, organic produce they use, their dishes (ranging from bento boxes to tofu cheesecakes) make it vegan heaven for Asian food lovers.  They also do organic vegan wines, beers and ciders.

The menu is simple and includes set menus, bento boxes, side dishes and desserts.  They also do a cheap lunch menu which is perfect for students and people who work in the area.  We tried the classic sushi bento box that came with fresh salad, tempura, spring rolls, sushi with brown rice and a miso soup.

Itadaki Zen / Itadaki Zen King's Cross Vegan Restaurant Review by VegansofLDN / Vegans of LDN

We also ordered the tempura set that came with mixed grain rice. The ingredients were obviously very high quality and fresh, and portions were just the right amount and left us content and satisfied.

Itadaki Zen / Itadaki Zen King's Cross Vegan Restaurant Review by VegansofLDN / Vegans of LDN

We couldn’t help but order dessert, of course.  We had their special which was the apple pie and their small cake which was made of Kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) topped with tofu and vanilla cream.

Itadaki Zen / Itadaki Zen King's Cross Vegan Restaurant Review by VegansofLDN / Vegans of LDN


Itadakizen is just a short walk away from Kings Cross Station.



Their set menus range from £13 - 30 (the higher end are set menus for two). Their sides £3 -10. Desserts around £4 (they offer a special birthday cake for £16 if you order in advance). Their lunchtime bento box is £10.


Thanks for reading!


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This review is by VegansofLDN guest blogger Gloria Chung.


Redemption Bar has two branches, one in Shoreditch/Old Street and the original one in Notting Hill. They are 100% plant-based, and are alcohol, wheat and (refined) sugar-free and do fantastic food.

It took me several times to find Redemption - it’s on the same street as Cay Tre, Keu and other bustling lunchtime eateries, and I was pleasantly surprised to find it tucked away in a quiet little corner with a tranquil outdoor and indoor seating.

There were nine choices and after much deliberation we went for the Californication (£7.95 / roasted sweet potato and rosemary hash with mushrooms and spinach) and the sweetcorn and red pepper pancakes (£9.50).

 Californication (Did you sing that word? Us too.)

Californication (Did you sing that word? Us too.)

 Sweetcorn & red pepper pancakes

Sweetcorn & red pepper pancakes

The Californication bowl was perfect for a lunchtime meal: satisfying but not too filling! The sweet potato with the sautéed mushrooms had a zing from the rosemary hash and fresh lemon juice. Definitely one that we wished was just a tiny bit bigger!

The sweet corn and red pepper pancakes were the perfect consistency, something that’s hard to find in vegan pancakes, and were loaded with fresh vegetables, topped with seasoned salad and guacamole. I thought I would be hungry after this as they seemed quite small, but was surprised to find that I was very comfortably full and satisfied afterwards.

In the evening they also have a separate menu that changes frequently, and an awesome-looking dessert menu that range from apple crumble to a chocolate, banana and cashew chia pudding.



Redemption Bar has a branch that’s a short walk from Notting Hill station (6 Chepstow Rd, London W2 5BH), and in East London their branch is easily accessible from Shoreditch High Street Overground and Old Street Underground station (320 Old St, London EC1V 9DR).




Most lunch options range from £7 to £14 which is quite reasonable for fresh vegan food in Old Street / Shoreditch. If you want to have a sit-down meal then this is definitely a place for a long lunch, but with their takeaway option you can also make it a quick but deliciously healthy meal!

Next time I would definitely go for the buckwheat pancakes as a brunch treat along with one of their mocktails! They are looking to introduce more smoothies, juices and breakfast options as well so keep your eyes peeled.

Check out their Instagram page for updates and mouth-watering photos.

Thanks for reading!


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This post is by Sareta, who runs supperclub Ruby & Pickles. Sareta & Serena headed to the Canvas Cafe for Kali Cooking's takeover.

 Green Flamingo at Canvas Cafe

Green Flamingo at Canvas Cafe


Green Flamingo is the latest venture from health-conscious foodie Kali, of Kali Cooking, who also runs the Flaming Flamingo supperclub series. 

The menu is simple: four completely plant-based salads bursting with flavour and nutrition. We were lucky to go down to the launch night and sample all four salads on offer.

The Jungle Bowl packed a crunch, full of shredded veg, tempeh and wasabi seeds with a creamy tahini dressing. The fresh mint makes this dish refreshing and light although it looks like it could be quite creamy and heavy. 

 The Jungle

The Jungle

The Caesar salad appeared unassuming but was perhaps one of my favourites. The kale had been massaged with oil and tossed with kale and herbs and the creamy dressing complemented the chunky sourdough croutons and perfectly. 

 The Caesar

The Caesar

The Elote is based on Kali's favourite flavours from Mexico and is an inventive blend of sweetcorn, black beans and avocado with a sesame salsa and is absolutely sublime. 

 Elote at the bottom

Elote at the bottom

Finally, the Green Earth Bowl presents delicious pickled vegetables alongside herby rice, chickpeas and greens. Goodness and plant power all round!

You'll feel satisfyingly full after one of Kali's nutritious bowls, but if you have any space at all you should try one of Canvas Cafe's notorious 'freakshakes' which are all vegan during the vegan takeover until 21 July. After this time, there'll still three vegan shakes on offer so you have no excuse to not get back down there! 


The Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury Street, E1
Green Flamingo is popping up at The Canvas Cafe off Brick Lane from 11am - 4pm until 21st July. The cafe is a community space focused on wellbeing and happiness making it a really positive and inspiring place to eat. If it's sunny you can enjoy your food in the garden - and be sure to check out the The Museum of Happiness through the back. 

Kali Cooking / Green Flamingo / Canvas Cafe review, Brick Lane, London, vegan supper club - by Vegans of LDN / VegansofLDN



All bowls are priced between £5-6 making them exceptionally good value. 

You can find the Canvas Cafe here and Kali Cooking at:



Thanks for reading!


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This post is by guest blogger Karishma

So here is a review for you all on the lovely Farmacy in Westbourne Grove. I had been walking past this place en route to Planet Organic on so many occasions just to stick my head over the window ledge that even I was driving myself a bit mad in anticipation.

I have been a few times now and happily feel like I and my friends have enjoyed everything on the menu.

The restaurant supports a plant-based vegan diet: free from dairy, refined sugars, additives and chemicals, and showcases dishes from around the world in a beautiful way.

The restaurant is nicely decorated with a feel of lightness, air and greenery. The staff are extremely friendly and were more than accommodating at answering all my questions – Is this grain free? Could you do this without the rice? What is that delicious sundae made of?

Drinks-wise, the first time I went, my friend and I tried the O.M.G. SHOT which was nicely styled into an actual syringe and a shot glass. My friend also tried the Lemon-Aid (or three glasses to be exact as it was one of those rare boiling days in London) and the Wake-Up Call which is an intensely creamy delicious alternative to coffee made up of the healthful reishi, chaga, ashwagandha, ho shu wu, maca, cinnamon, vanilla brown rice protein and almonds.

We ate the nachos (best re-fried beans I have eaten in a while), Asian salad and Indian bowl with a side of their digestion-boosting homemade sauerkraut.

Farmacy London review VegansofLDN / Vegans of London Notting Hill restaurant Westbourne Grove - vegan food in London
Farmacy London review VegansofLDN / Vegans of London Notting Hill restaurant Westbourne Grove - vegan food in London

We both agreed that everything was really well presented and totally yummy. You get the feeling that fresh, interesting ingredients have been used and they create dishes that you would not make at home thus making the visit even more worthwhile and fun. The balance of ingredients is also really nice to see with things being used that you can see have a real health value (such as seaweed, miso and radishes). Oh and the vegan Nice Cream Brownie Sundae was just so yummy!

The second time I visited with a friend who I believe to be one of the most knowledgeable and picky eaters who lives in New York so has the benefit of such eating in such places on a monthly basis and thus is not easily impressed. However, she totally loved it. This time around we returned to some of my now-established favourites but also tried the Clean Curry and Middle East Super Bowl. Again the waitress was super lovely and did not mind me asking for a variation to the ingredients of the clean curry. My only qualm I guess would be from a personal perspective (having IBS) that it would be great to see a few more grain-free options i.e. not even using quinoa or buckwheat which both seem to irritate my tummy. Also sadly they had run out of a few of the desserts but that just means I will need to return which I definitely will.

Farmacy is also open quite late which makes this venue easy all day round, and it has nice booths for big groups. It is a great addition to the London scene and will soon have deliveries on Deliveroo and Quiqup, making nutritionally-balanced eating easy and fun! Farmacy is one I would not hesitate to recommend to anybody and also offers vegan pizza, pasta, sandwiches and burgers for those who like heavier food!

Thanks for reading,

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Find Farmacy at:


This new range of vegan sauces will change your life.

Oliver Sykes, lead singer of British rock band Bring Me The Horizon, has recently launched a range of vegan sauces through his second venture ‘Drop Dead’.  This is a clothing brand that has been running for over a decade now with a solid following, but as vegan who has always spoken openly about this lifestyle, Sykes has used the brand as an opportunity to create these unique products showcasing just how delicious vegan can be. It’s so great to have such passionate vegan celebrities as they have a voice that can reach the masses and show people how amazing and un-restrictive the lifestyle can be!

Now the range consists of 3 very different sauces: Dead Twisted techno burger sauce, Dead Twisted jalapeño salsa and Dead Twisted barbecue sauce. They are each priced at £3.50, which I think is awesome value for money for these products as they have clearly had a lot of thought put into them.

 Techno, BBQ & Jalapeño Salsa sauces. (Image:  Drop Dead )

Techno, BBQ & Jalapeño Salsa sauces. (Image: Drop Dead)

I’ve only tried the techno burger sauce so far and the name fits so well because it actually is like a party in your mouth. The other night I decided to smother a sweet potato and lentil burger in the sauce topped the patty with some jalapeños and onions added a bun, and the taste sensation was insane. I’m just imagining what the jalapeño salsa would taste like on a big bowl of nachos and now I know that I need to complete my Dead Twisted sauce collection as soon as possible. I recommend you do the same – just in time for summer BBQ season finally arrives (hello, July, where's the sunshine at?). Pick your sauces from Drop Dead or in-store from Soho (one of our favourite vegan food hotspots) - 35 Marshall street W1F 7EX.





Today's review is from guest blogger Sareta, supper club owner at Ruby & Pickles.

FED by Water opened in Dalston in late 2015 based on the concept of informing people of the nutritional importance of pure water. Despite these purist values, the menu offered meat and dairy options alongside a large vegan menu. However, it seems that a bit of reflection, perhaps to bring their cooking principles in line with their overall ethos, and overwhelmingly positive feedback from their customers about their vegan options, led them to change their menu to 100% vegan on May 21st. So with this in mind, and despite having delicious pizza the night before (don’t judge me!), I hot-stepped it down to their industrial-chic outlet on Kingsland Road to sample their fine Italian delights.  

Fed By Water Restaurant Dalston East London Vegan Pizza Review Vegans of London // VegansofLDN

Pizza is one of my favourite food groups and one that I was determined to still enjoy as a vegan. Sure, it can be veganised by removing cheese or any other non-vegan toppings, but having the opportunity to enjoy substitutes for meat and cheese is rare. (Well done Zizzi for introducing non-dairy cheese across their restaurants!) Fellow vegans will understand what I mean when I say that I was overwhelmed by the menu. "I can eat everything??" is always my first thought at vegan restaurants: not just looking for the little v, vg or having to decipher a non-labelled menu. Scanning the menu, I was super excited to see ingredients such as smoked tofu, seitan salami, soya ham and a whole range of cheese made from nuts, soy and rice.

After much deliberation, a couple of Aperol Spritzes and of course FED’s special filtered water, we settled for the Stuzzichini mix to start: a small platter of olives, dried fruit and nuts and baked bread bites, as we wanted to save space to devour every single mouthful of our mains (spoiler alert: we totally managed this!). At £5.95 this is one of the cheaper starters which range from £2.95 for focaccia to £15.95 for the platters. A lot of other diners went for the seriously awesome looking cold cuts and cheese platter, served with a bread basket – not just a basket of bread, but a basket made from bread that’s also full of bread! – which I most definitely had food envy over and will be ordering next time. Other mouthwatering starters available include scrambled tofu and vacon (vegan bacon), seitan carpaccio and raw bites of sundried tomato and flax seed crackers with cashew cream.


 The Stuzzichini mix, £5.95

The Stuzzichini mix, £5.95

The range of pizzas on offer is incredible (as is the pasta and salad menu). Not only are there are 13 available (plus build-your-own) but you also get a choice of base: regular, dark (charcoaled) or green (made from ground hemp seeds), whether to have it fluffy or crispy and finally what sort of cheese you want - cashew or soy. We opted for two to share: a ‘Hot’ with spicy seitan salami, chilli, olives, tomato sauce and cashew cheese on a dark base and a ‘Fresh’ with smoked tofu, rocket, capers, olives, tomato sauce and soy mozzarella on a green base. Both were absolutely divine and I’d be really hard pushed to choose a favourite. These were two of the cheaper pizzas at £11.95 each and, given that the most expensive pizzas are as much as £15.95 plus it’s up to £3 for additional toppings, it is certainly more pricey than the Franco Mancas, Pizza Pilgrims or even Zizzis of London - but it’s worth it as you're getting delicious, unique pizza with a range of vegan toppings.

 The Hot & the Fresh

The Hot & the Fresh

There are also around five desserts on offer including ‘Tiramisex’, a non-dairy take on Italian tiramisu, at around £6 each. We were completely full from our pizza so didn’t sample any, but if the rest of the menu is anything to go by then these too will be delicious.


I absolutely love the innovation behind the menu and can’t wait to go back and work my way through all the other dishes on offer. You can find FED on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook


FED by Water, Unit 1b Dalston Cross Shopping Centre, 64 Kingsland High Street E8 2LX




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Jessie's back with another recipe for VegansofLDN: a comforting but clean dhal with chickpeas, coconut milk and turmeric.

Red lentil sweet potato dhal crunchy chickpeas VegansofLDN recipe - vegan London food & lifestyle


1tbsp coconut oil
2 garlic cloves
1tsp tumeric, cumin, cayenne pepper
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 can coconut milk
300g red lentils
1 onion
400g sweet potato chopped
Beef tomatoes to stuff
Veg stock



Heat the coconut oil and the onion in a saucepan, and cook for 5 mins. Stir in the garlic and cook for another 1 min, stir in the spices and cubed sweet potato, mix.

Pour in the chopped tomatoes, coconut milk, add salt and pepper. Bring to the boil & gently simmer for about 10 mins. Pour in the lentils and simmer for another 20-40 mins until the tender. 

During this time bake chickpeas in oven at 375 f, coat in spices of choice & Sriracha sauce. Add vegetable stock to dhal if not enough moisture. Place beef tomatoes in the oven for 20mins, fill with dhal when ready, top with crunchy chickpeas and add a side of rocket.





Summer rolls help you eat the rainbow and add some colour to June days, even when London weather is still stuck in February. These are perfect for a picnic or to take to a barbecue and show your omni friends that vegans eat more than houmous.

This recipe is from guest blogger Sareta Puri who runs pop-up food events around London with Ruby & Pickles.

Summer Rolls Recipe VegansofLDN


Rice paper spring roll wrappers
1/4 Savoy cabbage, thinly sliced
2 carrots, cut into long strips
1/2 cucumber, cut into long strips
1/2 pepper, cut into long strips
1/4 broccoli, cut into small florets
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1/2 red chilli, sliced
Squeeze of fresh lime
Handful fresh coriander






Prepare all your vegetables and lay them out. 

Dip one rice paper sheet at a time into some warm water for about 5 seconds then place on plate or a chopping board. It will initially stil be quite stiff but it will soften up. 

Arrange the vegetables in the middle of the wrapper. Leave 2-3cm at either side. Sprinkle with coriander, chilli and sesame seeds and squeeze on some lime juice.

Summer Rolls Recipe VegansofLDN
Summer Rolls Recipe VegansofLDN

The wrappers will now be softer and will stick together once rolled. To wrap them fold the bottom section over the vegetables, pushing them in towards the wrapper so they don’t escape and are tightly packed. Fold over the sides and then continue to roll upwards. Roll them very tightly. 

They are best served immediately but they can be kept for a few hours – covered with a damp towl so they don’t dry up. Also recommended if making more than 4 at a time.

Serve with chilli sauce/oil, soy sauce or make a blend of peanut butter, soy sauce and lime.


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Our first VegansofLDN recipe comes from guest blogger Jessie Mulhern. We love buying our avocados ripe from independent markets (there's a great guy in the Stratford Centre), and we pick up Sriracha from New Loon Moon in Chinatown. 

You might have heard of scrambled tofu as an egg replacer, but we think scrambling chickpeas takes it to the next level - as Jessie shows us below.

Chickpea scramble with potato hash and avocado - vegan recipe from VegansofLDN


- Sauté onion and garlic in a pan in coconut oil
- Mash chickpeas in a bowl in a little bit of the water from the can (leave some whole)
- Mix in whatever spices you want I used 1tsp chilli powder, 1 tumeric, 1 cumin, salt and pepper
- When onion and garlic is fragrant add chickpea mix and some chopped up tomato & spinach - sauté 5 mins
- Grate sweet potato with cheese grater - cook in some dairy-free butter for 5 mins. 

Add Sriracha on top of course, I also added BBQ sauce!