This post is by Sareta, who runs supperclub Ruby & Pickles. Sareta & Serena headed to the Canvas Cafe for Kali Cooking's takeover.

 Green Flamingo at Canvas Cafe

Green Flamingo at Canvas Cafe


Green Flamingo is the latest venture from health-conscious foodie Kali, of Kali Cooking, who also runs the Flaming Flamingo supperclub series. 

The menu is simple: four completely plant-based salads bursting with flavour and nutrition. We were lucky to go down to the launch night and sample all four salads on offer.

The Jungle Bowl packed a crunch, full of shredded veg, tempeh and wasabi seeds with a creamy tahini dressing. The fresh mint makes this dish refreshing and light although it looks like it could be quite creamy and heavy. 

 The Jungle

The Jungle

The Caesar salad appeared unassuming but was perhaps one of my favourites. The kale had been massaged with oil and tossed with kale and herbs and the creamy dressing complemented the chunky sourdough croutons and perfectly. 

 The Caesar

The Caesar

The Elote is based on Kali's favourite flavours from Mexico and is an inventive blend of sweetcorn, black beans and avocado with a sesame salsa and is absolutely sublime. 

 Elote at the bottom

Elote at the bottom

Finally, the Green Earth Bowl presents delicious pickled vegetables alongside herby rice, chickpeas and greens. Goodness and plant power all round!

You'll feel satisfyingly full after one of Kali's nutritious bowls, but if you have any space at all you should try one of Canvas Cafe's notorious 'freakshakes' which are all vegan during the vegan takeover until 21 July. After this time, there'll still three vegan shakes on offer so you have no excuse to not get back down there! 


The Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury Street, E1
Green Flamingo is popping up at The Canvas Cafe off Brick Lane from 11am - 4pm until 21st July. The cafe is a community space focused on wellbeing and happiness making it a really positive and inspiring place to eat. If it's sunny you can enjoy your food in the garden - and be sure to check out the The Museum of Happiness through the back. 

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All bowls are priced between £5-6 making them exceptionally good value. 

You can find the Canvas Cafe here and Kali Cooking at:


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