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It's 2016 and Winter Wonderland is still pretty bad for vegans, but here's a to-the-point list of the vegan options I came across a couple of days ago whilst exploring with my friend Matt. At each stall, I asked the vendor if they had vegan options and took pictures of the options - but always ask first just in case of any changes or misunderstandings!


The pretzel that we tried from the Pretzel place pictured was so rock solid that we had to go in search of a vegan hot drink to dip it in to soften it up. We went for the raisin one - might have just been a bad batch! The other vegan options were poppy seed and sesame.

Thanks to the guys at TinCan Coffee for sorting us a cup of hot soya milk with cinnamon way cheaper than the coffees on offer at Winter Wonderland.


This vendor had a full allergen list (it goes across two pages placed vertically so be careful if you have allergies). Things that appear to be vegan on the menu include the Veggie Wurst, the Veggie Burger (called Veggie Patty on the signs), the Krautsalat (coleslaw), potato dumplings, potato wedges and chips.



There are several of these hot chestnut stalls dotted around Winter Wonderland - expensive but a filling snack.


Churros House No.1 saved us. They're located next to this giant man with a bird - let's call him Vegan Saviour. He's so tall you should be able to see him from far away, and the churros at this stall are vegan. They also have chocolate sauce ones which aren't suitable for vegans, but sugar ones are good, and they have lemon & sugar too. There's a lovely German guy making the churros who reassured us we could eat them.

Other churro houses gave us blank looks at the word 'vegan'. I've heard of one place in London serving churros with vegan chocolate sauce, but couldn't find one here. 


Ophélie from @oh_49 let us know there are vegan crêpes near the ice rink:

  Image:  @oh_49

Image: @oh_49


Last year I had falafel at a falafel stand, but couldn't track them down this year. They must be there somewhere! 

Below are a few other options: chips and curly fries plus sweetcorn. 

There's sweetcorn in pots and also corn on the cob, for example at a couple of veggie stalls that have names like Veggie House/Mrs Veggie. The vegetarian stalls all seemed to have the exact same menu: for vegans, the hot garlic bread/bruschetta, sweetcorn and chips. Everything else had dairy.

I always get lost wandering around Winter Wonderland so there are bound to be more options - if you've found them, tag #vegansofldn so I can see and add to this post :). 


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