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I've lived in east London for seven years now and, since becoming vegan in early 2014, I've seen vegan and vegan-friendly spots pop up in huge numbers over the last couple of years.
Today I'm rounding up some of my favourite places that deliver to east London via UberEats, and some of my favourite restaurants to catch an Uber to for around £10 or less (from the Hackney area).



UberEats has a dietary requirements filter, where you can select 'Vegan'. This brings up restaurants with a good selection of vegan options.

From Hackney for example, the 'Vegan' brings up 80 vegan-friendly restaurants.



Mother is one of my favourite restaurants on UberEats. They're 100% vegan and based in Stratford, and they'll send big healthy smoothies and plantbased sandwiches and curries to your door. Here's a video of their chocolate caramel slice.

Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food

MOTHER have just started offering their delicious açai bowl on UberEats, which I'm so happy about. It's fully loaded with cacao nibs, nut butter, coconut and banana.




Orange Room is a Lebanese restaurant in Mile End. I don't know much about Lebanese cuisine, but most Lebanese places I've been to have lots of naturally vegan options like hummus plates, tabbouleh and stuffed vine leaves. I used to go here with my sports team at university because it's cheap good food.

Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
FullSizeRender (10).jpgUber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food


Ranna is an Indian takeaway in Bow with lots of vegan options. My go-to order is sag aloo, brinjal bhaji and tarka dhal or vegetable curry. The tarka dhal is super watery (see this video) but apparently that's just how some people have their dhal.

Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food
Uber // UberEats discount code: UK and London - vegan food


I get to some of my favourite east London restaurants with uberX (and often use uberPOOL to save money). I often go with a couple of friends - splitting the price between three makes it around the same price as public transport, and I get really travel sick on buses and trains so it works out well!

Below are some examples of uberX fares from the Hackney area - you might have seen us feature these places on our Instagram page:

Black Cat, near Hackney Central: ~£7

CookDailyWhat The Pitta, both at Boxpark Shoreditch: ~£7

FED By Water, Dalston: ~£8

Redemption Bar, Old Street: ~£7



If you're off to eat out - in London or elsewhere in the UK, we have a code for a £10 free ride that you can use: VEGANSOFLDN. You'll need to use the code from a new account. We get a small fee from Uber each time the code is used, and really appreciate your support.

Uber have a fare estimator you can use to work out roughly how much it is to get to your favourite restaurants. If you need suggestions, feel free to reach out to myself or a member of the team via Instagram


Thanks for reading and enjoy your food!


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