This new range of vegan sauces will change your life.

Oliver Sykes, lead singer of British rock band Bring Me The Horizon, has recently launched a range of vegan sauces through his second venture ‘Drop Dead’.  This is a clothing brand that has been running for over a decade now with a solid following, but as vegan who has always spoken openly about this lifestyle, Sykes has used the brand as an opportunity to create these unique products showcasing just how delicious vegan can be. It’s so great to have such passionate vegan celebrities as they have a voice that can reach the masses and show people how amazing and un-restrictive the lifestyle can be!

Now the range consists of 3 very different sauces: Dead Twisted techno burger sauce, Dead Twisted jalapeño salsa and Dead Twisted barbecue sauce. They are each priced at £3.50, which I think is awesome value for money for these products as they have clearly had a lot of thought put into them.

 Techno, BBQ & Jalapeño Salsa sauces. (Image:  Drop Dead )

Techno, BBQ & Jalapeño Salsa sauces. (Image: Drop Dead)

I’ve only tried the techno burger sauce so far and the name fits so well because it actually is like a party in your mouth. The other night I decided to smother a sweet potato and lentil burger in the sauce topped the patty with some jalapeños and onions added a bun, and the taste sensation was insane. I’m just imagining what the jalapeño salsa would taste like on a big bowl of nachos and now I know that I need to complete my Dead Twisted sauce collection as soon as possible. I recommend you do the same – just in time for summer BBQ season finally arrives (hello, July, where's the sunshine at?). Pick your sauces from Drop Dead or in-store from Soho (one of our favourite vegan food hotspots) - 35 Marshall street W1F 7EX.