The sun came out on Good Friday, and we're taking it as a cue to share some summer-ready frozen delights with you. 



Frill is a frozen smoothie you can eat in place of dairy ice cream. It can be scooped straight out of the tub or sprinkled with all your favourite toppings, and it has all the richness of gelato without any of the refined sugar. At the moment there are three flavours: Intense Chocolate, Bursting Berries and Refreshing Green - with two more coming soon. They're mainly based on water and dates, with other exciting foods thrown in to create the flavours, like the cocoa powder and carob gum in the chocolate one, and lots of vegetables crammed into the green one. We took one for the team and tried all three flavours (read: finished all three tubs).

 Frill's 3 flavours: greens, berries & chocolate. 

Frill's 3 flavours: greens, berries & chocolate. 

We absolutely loved these - especially the chocolate flavour. The Refreshing Green tastes a bit more 'smoothie' than the other two, less decadent and more healthy-tasting which, with all the flavours having around 10x more fibre than ice cream, you'd expect across the range. But the chocolate and berry have that indulgent feel about them, making them our new go-to alternative to a jar of Lotus biscuit spread or a pack of Oreos. (Did we say that out loud?)

 Refreshing Green, Intense Chocolate & Bursting Berries

Refreshing Green, Intense Chocolate & Bursting Berries

We topped one scoop of each Frill flavour with banana, pistachio, sunflower seeds and cacao nibs for our first serving.

If your freezer is extra chilly, you might want to take your Frill out about 25 minutes before eating. Our freezer is pretty arctic, and we're impatient, so we put our Frill tubs on top of our radiator and it ended up messy but delicious. If you leave it out for a bit longer, they turn into mousse and you've got a whole new dessert at your fingertips.



Londoners, you can get your Frill fix at Waitrose or Whole Foods. We got ours from Waitrose in Westfield Stratford, and will be back as soon as the new flavours come out.



Frill is currently retailing at around £5.99 in Waitrose and Whole Foods, but don't hold us to it. We're too busy filling our baskets with Trek bars and Oatly to remember prices most of the time.


Let us know if you try Frill and hashtag #vegansofldn so we can see. If you want more Frill in your feed, find them on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Happy Easter to those celebrating and have a great week!