Our first April Pick of the Week is Get Juiced's plant-based shortbread slice oozing with caramel and topped with a dense layer of coconut-sugary chocolate.

 We wanted to take the whole stack home, although it would have fed us for about two weeks.

We wanted to take the whole stack home, although it would have fed us for about two weeks.


Get Juiced is a 100% vegan juice bar & eatery in Tooting Market, South London. They have a whole-foods, plant-based approach to their creations and it pays off - their food and smoothies have the richest flavours and leave you full without bloating or a heavy feeling in your stomach. On this visit, we went for Get Juiced's chocolate shortbread with caramel and ended up sharing it with two guys in the queue behind us because we didn't want them to miss out. 

We love the straight-up labelling: there's nothing hidden, so the ingredients are all listed on the card. The coconut caramel shortbread contains gluten-free oats, dates, 3 parts of the humble and versatile coconut, cacao and a pinch of Himalayan salt to bring out all the natural flavours.

Next to the shortbread stack pictured is a cassava smoothie which was so thick it felt like a dessert and was the perfect balance of sweet-but-not-too-sweet.

 Coconut caramel shortbread close-up

Coconut caramel shortbread close-up


Get Juiced is at Tooting Market, a short walk from Tooting Broadway station. They've also got a whole-foods pick 'n' mix in front of the juice bar, which we think is the future *bumps fists*.



The coconut caramel shortbread costs £3.50, which is around the price of most of Get Juiced's sweet treats. We'd say it's a more filling alternative to a cupcake or a couple of whole-food energy bars, and it's much fresher too.

We'll be heading back to Get Juiced soon to eat our way through the rest of the menu! Till then, check out their offerings on Instagram.


Have a great week and thanks for reading.