Joey's Kitchen has been on our radar for a while now - all-vegan, plant-based comfort food made from scratch, and always with one or more vegan options. Joey's spent a while turning DIY Space for London into their own vegan haven south of the river, and have now launched at Joyeux Bordel in Shoreditch. 

We headed to Joyeux Bordel's underground bar and were presented with a pleasantly unusual menu: 3 core items, each with a choice of cuisine style. There was a seitan hot dog, Joey's signature Jarlsberg melted cheese sandwich and their loaded nachos. Styles included Korean, American and Mexican.

 The full menu (correct 25/4/2016)

The full menu (correct 25/4/2016)



We're suckers for (a) nachos and (b) pulled jackfruit, so we had to go for the Korean-style loaded nachos heaped with kimchi, BBQ jackfruit and pickled daikon. It was ma-siii-taaaa (we learned how to say 'delicious' in Korean one time, and that's our best shot). 

The portion size is great as a main for one or as a sharer for two. We'd be tempted to get two dishes and split them so to sample more things on Joey's Kitchen's menu. One fellow diner had the Jarlsberg sandwich and we had a bite (sharing is caring) - so we can confirm the American style Jarlsberg is equally delicious.

 Photo: Joey's Kitchen (we just couldn't nail the underground lighting)

Photo: Joey's Kitchen (we just couldn't nail the underground lighting)

This is real sink-your-teeth-in, fill-your-belly-good food, and we're looking forward to heading back for some seitan.



Joey's Kitchen at Joyeux Bordel is on Curtain Road in Shoreditch, East London. The full address is: 147 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3QE. They're set up Tuesdays through Thursdays - check their Instagram for more info.




Each main is £7 - great value for Shoreditch, and well worth it for creative food from a completely vegan company. The service is great (they may or may not have turned the lights up a bit for us in our attempt to take a photo) and you'll leave smiling from mouth to belly.


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