When you think of Whitechapel cuisine, you'd be forgiven for thinking "Favorite Fried Chicken - Nando's - Perfect Fried Chicken - Londis -- then you're in Brick Lane". There are a LOT of choices for something-that-resembles-chicken lovers, but up until now the vegan options in this part of the East End have been pretty poor. Our go-to in the area is dhal and rice with a vegetable side dish (which, to be fair, Whitechapel eateries do well). 

So when we heard there was a new place in town serving vegan pizza WITH VEGAN CHEESE, we had to head down. We headed to The Stable with a couple of friends and were treated to what might be our favourite vegan cheese pizza yet.



The Stable is an omni restaurant with a modern-rustic vibe: clean but with soul. We headed straight through the front bar to the back, ceiling windows letting in the last bit of daylight as the band set up to play some live music. Tables were packed with suits, hipsters and everything in between.

The menu doesn't look very vegan-friendly, but all the pizzas are veganisable. (That's a word.) This is what we went for - we've modified the menu items to show you how we took out the animal products and asked for vegan cheese:


The Fresh Hawaiian £11.00
Our fresh tomato sauce, vegan cheese and fresh pineapple. Optional avocado and chilli.

 We told the avo we loved her curves, but she insisted on being photographed in the dark - so excuse the lighting here.

We told the avo we loved her curves, but she insisted on being photographed in the dark - so excuse the lighting here.

The Hells Bells (using Naga chillies!) £11.00
Naga chillies, garlic, red onion, basil leaves, field mushrooms, our fresh tomato sauce and vegan cheese.

Whitechapel Stable Pizza Co Vegan Pizza Review VegansofLDN / Vegans of London

The Dorset Street Blues £11.00 (V)
Herb roasted potato, vegan cheese, roasted Spanish onions, English spinach, our fresh tomato sauce and... more vegan cheese.

 Those sweet onions though.

Those sweet onions though.

Side salads (they come with a Dijon dressing and we asked to have them made vegan - they came with some sort of dressing so we guess it was vegan be default). 

Cider tasting board: One of our friends sampled five ciders that ranged from less sweet to more sweet. We think. We did check and Bee Sting is also vegan (we were suspicious, but no honey).

We were so, so full after these. We shared the three pizzas and each had different favourites - that vegan cheese is something else. The cheesy potatoes on top of the Dorset Blues' crust was definitely a highlight, and they also have not-your-average soft drinks that taste like candied flowers.



The Stable is at 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1EW, not far from the station. 



The price here is about the same as most mid-range chains around London like Pizza Express or Zizzi's. The pizzas are £11 each, and we struggled to finish our salads (obviously eating the pizzas took priority). 

 Our spread in all its glory.

Our spread in all its glory.

We are *so* grateful that The Stable has added vegan cheese to its menu - we love cheese-less pizza too, but it's great to have full alternatives to otherwise omni meals. 

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Thanks for reading!

Serena (@gymfreebunny)

Founder - VegansofLDN