This Pick of the Week is brought to you by our guest blogger Jessie Mulhern. We can't recommend just one dish, because their menu changes daily:

Bonnington Café seems to have gone pretty unnoticed in the world of vegan eats. This quirky little gem is heavily underrated but thinking about it that’s probably because you wouldn’t come across it walking down a high street filled with restaurants. The café appears to be some kind of converted house tucked away on a residential street, and I’d just love to live next door.  


Bonnington is a cosy vegetarian eatery with vegan options. On each of my visits it’s been completely vegan so maybe they’re changing their ways, which is great news! Their À La Carte menu changes each night, so every time you visit you can expect to sample a new innovative dish. Another selling point of this place is it’s bring your own booze. You read that right. You pay 50p to rent a glass for the evening and you can keep the bottles flowing - perfect for a birthday dinner!

Beetroot, curried red pepper and carrot and goulash ‘sausage’ are three of the soup starters I’ve tried here (don’t worry, it’s not just soup!) and I have to say they're the tastiest soups I’ve ever had. Mains have ranged from cannelloni with ‘ricotta’ ‘cheez’ sauce to mushroom and mung bean satay curry. On my last visit my taste buds were fully satisfied with a falafel mezze platter with roasted aubergine, fava beans in tomato sauce, black olive tapenade, cauliflower tabbouleh & roasted potatoes with smoked paprika. Alongside this, my friend sampled the red camaroque rice with sundried tomatoes, red pepper and butternut squash with cashew and chilli sauce. The description alone proves that a lot of thought and effort goes into these dishes, but have some photos too:


Ten minutes' walk from Vauxhall station.



At £15 for a three-course meal, this has to be one of the best value-for-money plant-based eateries in London. There are only ever two options for each course. Some people may say that’s barely enough choice but I love this idea! You don’t sit there and spend twenty minutes deciding between twenty types of food and you’re guaranteed something new each time. It’s a winner. Each time I’ve visited with a friend we’ve got one of each option & shared. This way you get to taste the whole menu in one night & you can’t say that that often.

Check it out yourself and get down to Bonnington Café at once!


Editor's note: Jessie makes a mean chickpea scramble.