Burgers are without doubt one of the hottest food trends in London at the moment. Thankfully, vegans don’t have to miss out on the fun. Over the past 12 months, more and more vegan burgers have been gracing menus across the city, but despite the popularity of vegan junk food, it’s not just mock-Maccy D’s on offer. In fact, it’s easy to find plenty of amazing options bursting with vegetables and colour, and still rich in protein. To celebrate National Burger Day (August 25), blogger and supperclub host Sareta Puri has rounded up five of the top burgers currently being enjoyed by vegans across London. Read about more of the best vegan burgers at her blog, Sareta’s Kitchen.  


One of London’s best vegan food stalls in also home to not just one, but three of the city’s top vegan burgers. If we could have all three in this list we would but we’re going to have to go for The Good – traditional yet mouth-wateringly tasty. Created in front of you whilst you wait, a seitan beef burger is packed in a soft, seeded bun topped with salad, tomato, beetroot ketchup, carrot bacon and cashew cheddar. The best thing about Pomodoro e Basilico is that everything is 100% homemade – the burgers, the vegan cheese and even the buns. You can literally taste the love that’s in these bad boys.

Cost: £7 (sides not included)

  Pomo's 'The Good' burger - also try The Bad & The Jack. (Image:   @pomodoro_e_basilico )

Pomo's 'The Good' burger - also try The Bad & The Jack. (Image: @pomodoro_e_basilico)


A London institution amongst veggies, vegans and omnivores, Mildred’s now has three branches across the city giving you ever more opportunities to salivate over their burger. Despite a broad and delicious menu it’s often hard to resist their tofu and lentil burger – one of two vegan options (the other being a Polish cannellini bean and beetroot blend). This is one of the healthier vegan burgers out there, packed full of puy lentils and tofu for a double protein bonus. If you don’t want the bun you can opt for a side salad instead.

Cost: £7 plain or £8 with vegan cheese (sides not included)

  Mildreds' Polish burger with sweet potato fries. (Image:   @yesitsallvegan )

Mildreds' Polish burger with sweet potato fries. (Image: @yesitsallvegan)


The Fat Gay Vegan burger, or FGV, was co-created by the notable vegan blogger of the same name, and epitomises the ever popular vegan junk food in London. Styled on the famous Big Mac, you are served two very meaty looking and tasting meat-free patties in a triple layered sesame bun packed full of lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and ‘special sauce’ served with Cajun fries. Despite it being a ‘junk food’ option it was certainly more filling than anything you’d get served in a greasy chain restaurant and most definitely doesn’t leave you with the meat sweats.

Cost: £11.50 with fries

  Veg Bar's FGV burger. Image:   @saretapuri

Veg Bar's FGV burger. Image: @saretapuri


Despite specializing in risotto-based snacks and being an omni establishment, Arancini Brothers is fast developing a name for being home to one of the top vegan burgers in London. Even blogger Fat Gay Vegan recently professed his love for their burgers despite being the namesake of VegBar’s FGV Burger, as listed above. Arancini Brothers’ recent vegan addition to the menu is a mushroom and courgette risotto patty topped with caramelised onion jam, aubergine dressing, crispy onion, lettuce and tomato. Quite simply a masterpiece, combining their traditional risotto snack with one of London’s most popular food stuffs.

Cost: £8.80

 Double aranicini burgers...

Double aranicini burgers...

 ...Best eaten with risotto balls. (Images:  @gymfreebunny )

...Best eaten with risotto balls. (Images: @gymfreebunny)


Craft beer chain Brewdog have recently added the vegan Hail Seitan burger to their menu, delighting vegans up and down the country – not just in London. Having recently being registered with the Vegan Society, they don’t just offer vegan beers but now more vegan food options. The burger is a big juicy BBQ seitan steak lathered with tomato chutney and hummus and topped with crispy kale, all delightfully presented in a wholemeal bun and oozing with goodness. It can be a bit messy so be warned - top tactic is to cut it in half first, but then pick it up and make a mess anyway!

Cost: £8 (plus £2 for fries)

 Chutney & hummus in a burger - Hail Seitan. (Image:  @quarrygirl )

Chutney & hummus in a burger - Hail Seitan. (Image: @quarrygirl)

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