Le Pain Quotidien is a brunch-perfect chain serving Belgian dishes and steaming bowls of coffee. You're sure to have spotted Le Pain Quotidien around London, but did you know they serve an array of vegan options? We went for a post-yoga meetup in Hampstead and tried two versions of LPQ's avo toast.

le pain quotidien


Top to bottom:
LPQ's signature avocado spelt toast with lemon and seeds and a hot chocolate with almond milk.
Omega Boost Tartine on rye toast with white beans and hummus with a matcha soy latte.

We'd recommend swapping slice for slice with your dining buddy to prevent a case of food envy. Both dishes are DELICIOUS, but you'll want to try a bit of each. The spring onions on the Omega Boost worked great because eateries chuck plain raw onion on meals way too often - the spring shoots were subtle and not overpowering. We also loved the avo-on-avo action with the top dish. They heard we like avo, so they put some avo on our avo so we can avo while we avo. WE LIKE YOUR STYLE, LPQ.

 Carrot symbol = vegan, making it easy for us to get our SFV brunch fix.  (Image:  LPQ )

Carrot symbol = vegan, making it easy for us to get our SFV brunch fix. (Image: LPQ)

The almond hot chocolate rivalled the coconut milk variant we tried at recently-closed-down inSpiral, and the matcha latte gave us that spot-on feeling of indulged but still healthy.

 Taking a moment to appreciate those white beans.

Taking a moment to appreciate those white beans.



Le Pain Quotidien currently have 16 branches around London - enter your postcode in their finder and they'll show you where to head. We visited the Hampstead branch and followed our visit with a sunny walk through the Heath.




This meal came to £25, so around £12 a head, and we definitely think it's worth it. Service was great, the atmosphere was friendly and we left with bellies full but not heavy. We'll be back to try more of their vegan options soon for sure.


If you have any dishes or places you'd like us to try out, let us know by emailing hello@vegansofldn.com. Have a great week!