Today's review is from guest blogger Meg, who shares London vegan food at @thehappysappyvegan and her adventures across London & India at @megs173.

Vegan Thai Food take lots of pride in their name & food being uncomplicated and honest (they keep using the words 'easy peasy' because they're adorable). It's still early days and they're working on branding, but with their aroma of coconut and lemongrass, they've clearly got their food under control.


Surrounded on all sides by other exclusively plant-based stalls (I've found a new happy place), their mains include sweet potato red curry, chickpea yellow curry and stir fried tofu & broccoli - all served with rice and veggies. The two nicest women in the world not only encourage you to taste before you commit but, if you're as indecisive as I am, they're also more than happy to let you get a box of all three (for the same price!). My omni best friend was squealing as well - but don't take our word- for it: add a touch of spice to your day and sample Vegan Thai Food for yourself!

They're hoping to set up an Instagram and website in the next few weeks, but for now are sticking with #VeganThaiFood.




Every Saturday (11am- 6pm) and Sunday (10am - 5pm) at the Boiler House Food Hall, Brick Lane. It's indoors so neither rain nor snow can stop you!




It's £5 for each of the mains (including all three mains mixed in a box) and their starters are priced at around the £2.50 mark (the spring rolls, dumplings and sweet potato fritters come highly recommended!).


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