This week's Pick is from guest blogger Sareta who runs London supper club Ruby & Pickles.


I had been reliably informed that The Greenhouse serves one of the best vegan brunches in south London. So I decided to test this out whilst doing a round-up of top brunch spots in the borough of Lewisham for the Lewisham Card.



The Greenhouse is a community run café that’s been popular with south London locals since opening their doors in 2015. Whilst not a vegan operation, the café takes ethical business seriously, running on 100% renewable energy, sourcing their fair trade coffee directly from Guatemala and using compostable cups.

There are plenty of vegan options available including the oh-so-delicious vegan breakfast which I instantly went for (after drooling at the menu). This includes half a sliced avocado, roasted vegetables, mushrooms, homemade hummus, yachini (a rich potato dish from the Middle East) and sourdough toast drizzled with olive oil served with a salad topped with fresh tomato salsa. For something more simple there’s straight-up avo on toast however I would urge you to try the breakfast. The combination of flavours shows that the owners understand vegan food and the inclusion of yachini, which I’d never heard of before, was perhaps the highlight of the dish. A lot of homemade hummus can be dull and flavourless but not at The Greenhouse. It was a perfect consistency (not too lumpy, not too smooth) and you could taste the garlic and sesame without it being overbearing.

 Vegan breakfast with avo sliced to perfection.

Vegan breakfast with avo sliced to perfection.


If breakfast isn’t your thing then there’s also a vegan salad of roasted veg, mushrooms, avocado and hummus served on a bed of greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots and courgette. You can add nutritional yeast for an extra 50p which is a great touch! There’s also a vegan sandwich of avo, hummus, courgette and sundried tomatoes with the option of having it in a wrap made either from organic sprouted grain or gluten-free brown rice (for an extra £1). The smoothie menu is worth a visit alone. Between us we went for The Greenhouse (on recommendation of the staff): avo, banana, cucumber, spinach, mint, morinca, lime and OJ, and The Remedy of oats, banana, avo, almond butter, apple, apple juice and lemon. Both were packed full of goodness and could easily be enjoyed themselves for breakfast.


 The Remedy (left) and The Greenhouse (right) smoothies.

The Remedy (left) and The Greenhouse (right) smoothies.


To top it off the staff are super friendly and it’s a really cosy, light airy space with a really nice feel. The only thing that’s sad is that they aren’t open in the evening, but hopefully as time goes on they might branch out.



The Greenhouse is a five-minute walk from Deptford rail and DLR station and New Cross rail and Overground station.


How much?

The vegan breakfast is £7.50, which is really reasonable as the portion sizes are generous and filling. Salad is £6 which is the price salad should be! The sandwiches and wraps are £4.50 – 5.50 and smoothies are £3.50, which are all affordable decent prices.


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