Mindful Market Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you read through the terms and conditions fully, before filling out the application form.

 Applicable to all vendors


All indoor and outdoor pitches include the rental of a single 6ft trestle table unless specifically not needed, in which case please make this known to the Mindful Market team once your application has been formally accepted. Marquees are not included in any rental fees, and must be provided by traders whilst complying with the allocated pitch size - no larger than 3m x 3m for outdoor traders. Marquees are not permitted for indoor traders.


No alcohol is permitted to be sold by traders.


The pitch fee includes access to a supply of clean water. This will be shared with others. Traders are not permitted to have a direct feed, nor allowed to attach a hose for filling water containers, from the communal tap. If caterer traders must possess appropriate hand washing facilities with hot running water they must supply a means to collect waste water. Drains are not available on site for wastewater. The digging of sumps and soakaways is prohibited.

Food Licences

All food catering operators are required to be registered as a food establishment with normally the local authority where they are based, and should provide the Mindful Market team details of their registration. Alternatively you can register yourself with LBTH Environmental Health department at least 28 days before opening. In addition, food businesses should also comply with food safety guidance for movable and/or temporary premises, available from the Environmental Health (Commercial) Team. Please telephone 0207 364 5008 or email : foodsafety@towerhamlets.gov.uk

It is good practice to ensure all traders have had a minimum level 2 or training in Food Safety. By law all caterers must operate a management business system. All licensed food traders shall achieve and maintain for the duration of their licence a Food Hygiene Rating Standard of 4 or higher. New traders will be required to achieve this standard within an appropriate timescale.

Health & Safety

All traders must provide an up to date risk assessment.


To secure your pitch, the fee must be paid prior to the deadline stated on the invoice. Any late payments may result in you losing your pitch.

Details on how to pay will be included on your invoice. Please ensure that we have all correct invoicing details, otherwise this may result in missed deadlines, and therefore the loss of your pitch.

Vehicles and Vehicle Movement

Vehicle movement is only permitted during the set-up and pack-down. Individual traders will be advised on the day regarding vehicle movement. No loading vehicles can be left on-site between the hours of 11:00-17:00.

Set-up Window: 8am-11am

Vehicle movement is strictly forbidden during event opening hours and vehicle restriction will begin half an hour before event opening times. The only vehicles you may see moving during this time will be emergency vehicles in exceptional circumstances. During event hours, you must not move your vehicle until given express permission by the Mindful Market Team.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items include:

  • Weapons, anything that can be interpreted as a weapon

  • Explosives of any sort

  • Sky Lanterns

  • Lasers and Laser Pens

  • Herbal or illegal substances under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 (including NOS canisters and related paraphernalia)


No animals (save for guide dogs) are to be brought indoors.


By submitting this application, you acknowledge that the Mindful Market Team, nor its designated staff are responsible or liable for:

  • Any financial loss incurred by you;

  • Any loss of income, or damage to your equipment, goods or personal belongings;

  • Any loss of income, or damage to goods caused by adverse weather conditions;

  • Any necessary re-sitting of stalls, or change of performance programme;

  • Any injury incurred by employees or staff working or connected to you; It is your responsibility to insure your property against damages.


You are obliged to have Public Liability Insurance to cover any hazard or loss which may occur at the event. Should your policy be up for renewal before or during the event then please provide evidence of your current insurance. If your application is successful then it is your responsibility to provide us with the renewed insurance 14 days before the opening of the event. Failure to do so may result in your being prohibited from opening to trade.


The Mindful Market team and their designated employees reserve the right to remove any trader from the event site who does not comply with the obligations outlined within this document.

You will not be permitted to operate your stall if you do not satisfy the licencing requirements of the Local Authority. Neither the Mindful Market team nor their designated employees can accept any responsibility or liability if this situation occurs.

Cancellation & Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event that the Mindful Market team is forced to cancel the event due to adverse weather conditions, or any other Act of God, the Mindful Market team does not accept responsibility or liability for loss of income. No refund or reduction will be granted for pitch fees.

Application Deadline

Unfortunately we're not able to reply to every application, if you haven't heard back from us within a month of completing your application please assume it was not successful this time.

Applications will be processed as they come in with the first group of vendors being announcing June-July. The application process will be kept open until all of the market's plots are booked.

Plots are limited to traders who most match the mindful ethos of the Mindful Market brand.

By signing and submitting an application, you are agreeing to abide by the obligation outlined within this document. This may require additional documentation to be submitted or for documentation to be re-submitted, revised, or updated.

In addition, you are agreeing to abide by the instruction of the Mindful Market team.

Applicable to all vendors trading indoors only


Each vendor trading inside will be provided with a 6ft trestle table. Under no circumstances should any adhesive tape be used on the walls, ceilings or columns. Gaffa Tape can be used on floors to secure cables however all tape must be entirely removed at the end of the event. White Tack can be used but must be removed at the end of hire. Under no circumstances can blue tack be used. There must be no nails, screws or staples used to fix to walls, ceilings or pillars. The use of candles within the building is permitted however should a member of staff deem that they are not being used safely or compromise the safety of the building in any way they will request they be removed.


All traders are required to keep the area around their pitch tidy and free of rubbish. You must ensure that waste generated by your stall is placed in the bins provided.


Traders are not allowed to use any power sockets indoors unless discussed and agreed with the Mindful Market team.

Hot Food

No cooking of food is permitted indoors.


There is a strict no smoking rule indoors.


No music permitted. Ambient music will be handled by the Mindful Market Team.

Fire Exits

All fire exits are to be kept clear and any installation of catering facilities in fire exit routes will be removed.

Applicable to all vendors trading outdoors only

Structures and Trailers

The event site is on cement and staking is not permitted on this site. All structures outside must be securely weighted down using the correct methods. The weather conditions can be windy, so ensure you have sufficient ballasts on each leg of the structure. Failure to safely secure your structure or trailer may result in you being prohibited from trading until rectified.


All food waste must be removed from site. We are trying to make these events as environmentally friendly as possible, in line with the Mindful Market ethos, and ask you to support us in this effort.


The Market team will not provide electricity for stalls outside. If you do plan to bring your own generators, please take note of the following.

  • Mobile electrical generators can only be used with the prior approval in writing from the Council.

  • The use of generators must be housed within the market stall pitch. Generators must not cause an unacceptable degree of noise or other nuisance.

  • Petroleum powered generators are not permitted.

  • All electrical equipment should be tested regularly by someone competent to carry out the test. Portable appliance testing (PAT) should be carried out on all portable appliances annually and six monthly for handheld devices in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice for in-service Inspection and testing of Electrical equipment. Certification to be provided to the Mindful Market Team.

  • External plugs and sockets must be waterproof and the circuit breakers must work effectively.

  • Cables must not be a tripping hazard and should be protected from accidental damage. If for outdoor use; cables must be of industrial grade BS7179 (HO7RN-F or equivalent) rubber, with a minimum voltage designation of 450/750v (heavy duty flexible as a minimum as defined in BS7540-1) and resistant to abrasion and water

Gas cylinders

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are permitted, please take note of the following:

  • Gas fixtures and systems require appropriate annual certification from a competent person who is Gas Safe registered for LPG appliances. Certification to be provided to the Market Mindful Market Team.

  • Cylinders should be fitted with automatic cut-off valves and be protected from tampering.

  • All pipes should be protected from abrasion or mechanical damage (armoured if subject to temperatures over 50°C). All pipes should be renewed every two years.

  • All gas appliances must be fitted with a flame failure device and adequately ventilated.

  • Staff that use gas equipment should be trained in how to use it and in how to carry out visual checks for obvious faults. This will include such things as damaged pipework and connections, inoperative flame supervision devices (these shut off the gas supply automatically if the flame disappears), and smells of escaping gas. All staff should be familiar with what to do in these situations. Routine tasks such as connecting and disconnecting plug-in gas connections to appliances when moving for cleaning, or changing LPG cylinders or hoses, can be carried out by persons who are not Gas Safe registered, but they must be competent.

Fire Hazard

To ensure there is adequate fire safety, please take note of the following:

  • The food business operator must carry out a fire risk assessment.

  • All combustible materials that could promote fire spread need to be identified and stored away from any ignition source. Structures, curtains and drapes that could promote fire due to their proximity to an ignition source should be treated with a flame retardant

  • Appropriate fire extinguishers must be provided and checked every 12 months. The following is required:

    • Stalls cooking food - 4kg dry powder or four litres of foam.

    • Stalls with generators/electrical equipment – 4kg dry powder or Carbon Dioxide CO2

    • Stalls not cooking food – 4.5 litres of water

    • If deep fat frying is taking place, gas equipment should be fitted with a flame failure device and there should also be a suitably located fire blanket. Fryers should be fitted with an automatic high temperature-limiting device (operates at a fat temperature of 250°C or lower)


All oil, and empty oil containers, must be taken away and disposed of properly. Under no circumstance is oil to be poured onto the ground, down a drain or be left on the event site.


No noise generating systems to be permitted outside the buildings at any time.

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